20 May 2022 [guides]

Sethforprivacy invites community to test upcoming Monero release for bugs using Ubuntu Docker image

Sethforprivacy1 has invited2 the community to test the upcoming major Monero release3 for bugs using his Ubuntu Docker image4:

Using these instructions you can get an Ubuntu VPS up and running on testnet in less than 5m (then a bit longer to sync up to chain-tip).


For more details on how you can get some tXMR (testnet funds) and help test Monero code for bugs before the June 16 0.18 Flourine Fermi5 release, consult garth_xmr6’s PSA7.

  1. https://nitter.net/sethforprivacy/ 

  2. https://nitter.net/sethforprivacy/status/1527680928146931713#m 

  3. /monero-consensus-hard-fork-16-july-2022/ 

  4. https://paste.sethforprivacy.com/?96466ca9ad3f3d90#4fTCXio2b3S6fX5b2YHffzY6zpYsj3bJrgZh7Gmi8ESC 

  5. https://civs1.civs.us/cgi-bin/results.pl?id=E_8dffadad37ce3e70 

  6. https://libredd.it/user/garth_xmr 

  7. https://libredd.it/uqznue/