31 Jan 2023 [mining]

SChernykh releases P2Pool v3.0

SChernykh1 has released P2Pool2 version 3.03 with several improvements and fixes.

Changes overview

The full list of changes is available on Github3.

Before using the software, you should verify the SHA256 sums with SChernykh’s GPG key4.

The README5 has valuable information about features, defaults, how pool shares work, build instructions and a short mining guide.

If you need assistance, you can read the FAQ6 and join the project’s IRC channels7.

It is important to mention that P2Pool will hardfork8 to new consensus rules on March 18th at 21:00 UTC and users must update to version 3.0 or newer before this date.

Note that all wallet addresses are public on P2Pool and only primary wallet addresses are supported (no subaddresses or integrated addresses).

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