11 Jan 2023 | Updated 18 Mar 2023 [mining]

P2Pool to hardfork on March 18th at 21:00 UTC

sech11 has announced2 that P2Pool3 (both main and mini) will hardfork to new consensus rules on March 18th at 21:00 UTC:

The hardfork is necessary to improve P2Pool scalability and reduce the impact on Monero blockchain. You’ll need to update to P2Pool v3.0 or newer version before this time.


January (2nd half) - Testnet
January 31 - P2Pool v3.0 binaries
February (TBD) - Monero GUI v0.18.2.0 and Gupax with P2Pool v3.0
March 18 - P2Pool HF

Changes overview

The network upgrade should address the issue with P2Pool spamming too many outputs to the blockchain, which currently reduces effective ring size for everyone using Monero, down to 12-13 decoys instead of 16.

To better understand the issue, consult the relevant MRL discussions on Github89 and run Rucknium’s P2Pool coinbase outputs analysis R script file10.

The updated codebase can be inspected in the P2Pool hardfork11 branch.

This is an ongoing story and the report will be updated when new information is available.

Update 23/1/31: P2Pool v3.0 is out12; make sure to update before March 18th.

Update 23/3/18: sech1 reported HF was successful13.

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