22 Jun 2024 [dev]

Rucknium releases 'Monero Stressnet Node' v250., announces stressnet monitor

Rucknium1 has released Monero Stressnet Node2 version and announced a new page dedicated to monitoring the stressnet4 in today’s -community meeting5:

The stressnet monitor is here [..] Usually it is accurate and up to date. Sometimes it goes down. The blockchain explorer isn’t working now since it’s hard on the node: https://explorer.stressnet.net/

Changes overview

src: update internal data structure to boost::bimap. by @0xFFFC0000
Revert "src: update internal data structure to boost::bimap." by @0xFFFC0000
Peer ban duration to 2 minutes by @Rucknium
Sync blocks 1 by 1 by @Rucknium [..]

It is worth mentioning that 0xFFFC0000 made their first contribution in PR #56. The full changelog is available on Github7.

Consult the previous Monero Observer reports8 and join the #monero-stressnet channels9 to learn more about the issue and get involved10.

Note that the anonymity set of running a node on this stressnet will be in the dozens at best. If you have an extreme threat model, this may be an unacceptable risk for you.

This is an ongoing story and the report will be updated when new information is available.