12 Jun 2024 | Updated 13 Jun 2024 [dev]

spackle-xmr releases 'Monero Stressnet Node' v250.

spackle-xmr1 has released version for the Monero Stressnet Node3 - a hard fork of Monero’s main testnet at block height 2508830 that could help reveal bottlenecks in database processing:

Everything is running smoothly with 9 nodes at the last count, and flooding wallets are prepared. Public announcement is set for tomorrow; stressing begins 15:00 UTC June 19th. In short, the stage has been set.4

Changes overview

More seed nodes by @Rucknium in #2
Add bootup instructions to README.md by @Rucknium in #3
Update version.cpp.in to by @Rucknium in #4

Rucknium5 helped set up the stressnet, shared a link to the associated block explorer6, and invited volunteers to run nodes7.

It is worth mentioning that selsta8 and plowsof9 were also involved with the handling of the initial release10.

Consult the Stress Testing monerod #9348 ongoing discussion11 to learn more about the issue.

Note that the anonymity set of running a node on this stressnet will be in the dozens at best. If you have an extreme threat model, this may be an unacceptable risk for you.

This is an ongoing story and the report will be updated when new information is available.

Update: add reference links to #monero-stressnet channels12 and public stressnet threads on Reddit/Town13; special mention/credit also to 0xfffc and SyntheticBird for contributing to the project.

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