11 Nov 2021 | Updated 16 Nov 2021 [CCS]

Rucknium's OSPEAD CCS proposal finally ready for community funding

Rucknium1’s OSPEAD CCS proposal2 has just been moved to the next stage and is finally ready for community funding.

As previously reported34, the proposal is an attempt to fortify Monero against statistical attacks and it has been thoroughly reviewed by the community for the past month.

Milestones & Funding

Total funding required: 171 XMR (67/74/30 XMR).
ETA: 11.5 weeks

According to Rucknium:

I estimate that development and implementation of OSPEAD will take 11.5 weeks of full time equivalent (FTE) labor, i.e. 460 hours.

The 11.5 FTE weeks of work will not be completely contiguous, but I expect Milestone 3 to be reached by February or March 2022.

To support the proposal you can donate XMR to the address listed on the Funding Required page5.

Update: fully funded6.

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