12 Sep 2021 [culture]

rottenwheel wins the XMR.Radio CTF hunt and snatches 0.09 XMR

Besides the Numbers Station1 hourly XMR current block height announcement, XMR Radio2 have also been broadcasting some random sounds3 once per hour:

47 114 47 122 98 97 114 101 98

The string above, when decoded, revealed a subreddit:


Several hints were dropped during the Monero Codenames5 event.

Everything was leading the hunters to the Wake Up Neo post6. This linked to a pastebin7 containing an XMR wallet seed file and restore height.

XMRscott8 was the quickest to solve the puzzle, but having no easy access to an XMR wallet, the 0.09 XMR were snatched by rottenwheel9.

According to XMR Radio this will probably not be the last hunt:

The competition was running for 2-3 days for anyone to come and take it, and there could possibly be more puzzles like this in the future! So please follow xmr_radios twitter and listen in to get a head start on the next one! Fun idea imo!

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