8 Sep 2021 [culture]

XMR.Radio to broadcast the current Monero block height every hour

XMR Radio1 will broadcast the current Monero block2 height3 every hour via their Numbers Station announcement.

You can listen to the community-ran Monero radio through tor4 by following the quick guide5 on their website.

The aim of the station is to have a fun way to connect with listeners, while having a platform to disseminate information regarding upcoming Monero updates, new CCS proposals, and any interesting crypto-industry related news.

If you enjoy the experience, you can donate6 some Monero to support the project.

  1. https://xmr.radio/live 

  2. http://monerotoruzizulg5ttgat2emf4d6fbmiea25detrmmy7erypseyteyd.onion/resources/moneropedia/block.html 

  3. https://xmrblockexplorer.org/ 

  4. kxmrdbwcqbgyokjbiv7droplwhxvli3s7yv5xddxgrtajdpdebgzzzqd.onion 

  5. https://xmr.radio/listen-to-xmr-radio-with-torsocks 

  6. https://xmr.radio/donate