3 Mar 2022 | Updated 22 Sep 2022 [wallets]

New Monero multisig wallet RINO looking for stagenet testers

The new RINO1 Monero multisig wallet is looking2 for stagenet testers:

The first of its kind, RINO is a new type of Monero wallet: non-custodial, enterprise-grade, based on multisig.

As soon as it becomes possible, we’ll go live with our mainnet version. In the meantime, we’re keen to get your feedback if you feel like having fun with our stagenet version.

Monero Core’s binaryFate3 has confirmed that he is involved with the project:

I can confirm I’m involved with RINO. Excited to see it going public!4

Think BitGo or Fireblocks, for #Monero5

The RINO team can be reached on Reddit6, Twitter7 and via email8.

Unfortunately, the project’s website is currently inaccessible via tor.

Update: the wallet is now live on mainnet9; the website is accessible via tor.

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