12 Jun 2022 [CCS]

noot publishes ETH-XMR atomic swaps protocol document, completes 6th CCS milestone

noot1 has published a document2 which describes a protocol for trustless, peer-to-peer ETH-XMR atomic swaps3, thus completing the 6th milestone for her CCS proposal4:

Hey, I’ve completed milestone 6 [..] Although I’ve had some reviews, I would certainly appreciate any more.

A summary of the document is available on Gitlab5.

The final CCS milestone (#7) should be completed soon:

This milestone includes an in-browser UI for interacting with the swap network. [..] The last task to be done here is Metamask integration.

Consult my previous report6 to learn more about the project and stagenet.md7 for instructions on how to join the network and try out the swap as a XMR-taker or XMR-maker.

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