29 Sep 2022 [wallets]

MyNero Wallet v0.2.0 released with new 'coin control' feature

pokkst1 has released version 0.2.02 of MyNero Wallet3, which comes with a new manual coin control feature:

This update adds a manual UTXO selection (“coin control”) feature to the wallet, making it the first mobile Monero wallet with such a feature.4


- Adds manual UTXO selection ("coin control") feature
- Monero C++ library updated to
- F-Droid repository now available
- Website now has I2P support

The complete list of changes is available on Github5.

A GPG-signed list of the hashes2 and the signing key6 can be downloaded from the project’s website.

To support the project you can donate XMR to the address listed on the website and in the repository README.md file7.

Note: MyNero was only announced a few weeks ago8 and is still in early development.

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