24 Oct 2023 [culture]

Monero Talk interviews Sethforprivacy on FinCEN proposal to extend PATRIOT Act to crypto privacy tools

In this Monero Talk episode12, Douglas Tuman3 interviews Sethforprivacy4 on FinCEN’s new proposal5 looking to extend the infamous PATRIOT Act to include all cryptocurrency privacy tools:

[..] now when someone uses privacy tools, all of their data immediately gets sent to FinCEN and they go on a nice tidy list of users who use privacy tools (Seth @ 18:11)

Several topics are discussed in this interview, including Seth’s work on freedom.tech6, the impact of the FinCEN proposal on Monero users, how to push back against the government’s narrative, and the importance of a parallel economy.

To learn more about the guest, visit sethforprivacy.com7 and watch Seth’s previous Monero Talk interviews89.

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