10 Jul 2022 | Updated 15 Jul 2022 [culture]

Monero Talk interviews Giacomo Zucco and Sethforprivacy

Douglas Tuman1 interviews Bitcoin supporter Giacomo Zucco2 and Sethforprivacy3 in the latest Monero Talk episode45 focused on thorough critiques of Monero:

[..] I don’t think fungibility is something you can achieve by enforcing in protocol level - they will just ban, blacklist the entire protocol, forcing you to use some central bank currency instead .. (Giacomo @ 33:28)

[..] you can enforce fungibility at the protocol level and Monero does that and it is fungible at the protocol level. Just because someone says all of this [..] is something you can’t use, that doesn’t make it non-fungible [..] they are just deciding that that fungible asset can’t be used .. (Sethforprivacy @ 42:37)

Several topics are covered in this interview, including: Monero and BTC scalability problems, obfuscation vs omission and fungibility issues.

Note that this video is only the first part of the interview. This report will be updated when the other two parts are uploaded on the Monero Talk channel.

Update 22/7/13: second part of the interview now available67.

Update 22/7/15: third part of the interview now available89.

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