17 Nov 2021 | Updated 8 Dec 2021 [events] [calendar]

MoneroKon 2022 Planning Meeting scheduled for 4 December 2021 1800 UTC

The MoneroKon 2022 Planning Meeting1 is scheduled to take place on Saturday, December 4 2021 at 18:00 UTC, midipoet2 announced3 today:

I am proposing a meeting (after some nudging) to discuss the current community appetite to re-ignite efforts for a physical Monero conference in summer 2022, in Berlin.

We are looking for community members who may be interested in helping organise, fundraise, create, curate, and plan the event - in all shapes and sizes - from A/V technicians to circus juggling.

The meeting should take place in the #monero-events4 IRC channel.


To view the full list of discussion topics and propose agenda items, consult issue#6295 from the monero-project/meta Github repo.

Update: changed date from 20 to 27 November6.

Update 11/27: changed date to 4 December6.

Update 12/08: CCS proposal submitted7.

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