8 Dec 2021 | Updated 22 Mar 2022 [CCS]

midipoet submits CCS proposal to fund MoneroKon 2022

midipoet1 has submitted a CCS proposal2 to fund MoneroKon 20223 that should take place in Lisbon, Portugal:

The Monero conference will be in a similar theme to the last MoneroKon, which was hosted in Denver, Colorado in 2019.

We are hoping to put on a professional two-day event, with capacity for 200 people, live-streamed (hopefully), and including an afterparty.

According to midipoet, a core group of contributors from #monero-events4 will be overseeing the project: msvb, ajs, carrington, kico, reset and others.

Total funding proposed: 320 XMR (CCS#1).

ETA: summer/TBD (targetting June 2022).

The proposal doesn’t have any milestones. Instead, midipoet has suggested the possibility of a second CCS proposal to cover all costs:

We are hoping this will be the first of two CCS requests. This first one covers the total (maximum) estimated cost of putting on the event - €55,0000 (320 XMR @ current price of €175 per XMR)

Please note that if the actual event costs are not significantly lower than the quoted maximum then a second CCS will be required to cover costs for speaker and volunteer travel and accommodation.

This has attracted some criticism5 from some members of the community, including rottenwheel6 and sgp7.

To learn more, ask questions and support this proposal, consult !2762.

Update: midipoet has updated the proposal after prolonged community discussions8.

Update 22/1/10: moved to funding9.

Update: 22/2/13: fully funded10.

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