22 Mar 2022 [events]

MoneroKon 2022 will take place in Lisbon on June 18-19 at Arroz Studios

midipoet1 has announced2 that MoneroKon 20223 will take place in Lisbon, Portugal on June 18-19 at Arroz Studios4:

Thanks to the community this event is happening - hopefully a fair few of you will come and join us in sunny Lisbon, in June. It will be the first time the Monero community can meet in person for YEARS (very much needed)!

We are now focusing on getting good content, so are looking for talks, workshops, and panel ideas.

Anyone that is interested in presenting research, talks, or looking to conduct or host a panel can fill out the Call for Presentations5 form on the event website.

For more information, consult the associated CCS proposal6, my previous report7 and join the next MoneroKon planning meeting8.

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