26 Jan 2022 | Updated 16 Feb 2022 [CCS]

'Getting to grips with Monero' CCS proposal completion date delayed until March 1st 2022

moneroguides1 has announced a delay2 in the completion of the Getting to grips with Monero CCS proposal3 until March 1st 2022:

Unfortunately we are going to have to take an unexpected break from this work. At present it looks like it will take a few more weeks, with a new completion target of March 1st.

Originally, the work was estimated to take around 6 weeks (early February).

The Monero community could use this opportunity to get involved with the project by proofreading and commenting on the existing video scripts4.

Consult my previous report to learn more about this proposal5.

Update: work restarted, ETA: early March6.