1 Oct 2023 | Updated 10 Oct 2023 [dev] [wallets]

Monero v0.18.3.0 'Fluorine Fermi' tagged

The official Monero v0.18.3.0 Fluorine Fermi has been tagged (CLI1/GUI2), however selsta3 has asked builders4 to wait for the new tag (v0.18.3.1):

we will skip v0.18.3.0 and release v0.18.3.1 instead, if someone wants to contribute to reproducible builds please wait for the new tag. current plan is tomorrow if luigi is available.5

To learn more about the changes in the upcoming release, consult the Github repository6.

This is an ongoing story and the report will be updated when new information is available.

Update 23/10/2: v0.18.3.1 tagged7.

Update 23/10/4: ‘v0.18.3.1 will likely be released next week, bF isn’t available this week’ (selsta)8; unofficial CLI binaries available9.

Update 23/10/10: v0.18.3.1 released10.