10 Oct 2023 [dev] [pinned]

Monero v0.18.3.1 'Fluorine Fermi' released with important bug fixes

Monero v0.18.3.11 Fluorine Fermi is out23 and binaries for both the official CLI4 and GUI5 wallets are now available for download:

[CLI] This release optimizes wallet refresh and contains important bug fixes. [GUI] This release adds support for macOS ARM.

Release highlights

- Optimize wallet refresh by reducing periodic RPC calls
- Daemon: fix a bug with the long-term block weight cache
- Wallet: do not use DNS to determine if address is local
- Wallet: improve rescanning with scan_tx
- Wallet: fix frozen function in multisig wallets
- RPC: allow restore from multisig seed
- Add macOS ARM support
- Add more detailed P2Pool failure messages, fix a rare crash
- Update p2pool to v3.7, Qt to 5.15.10

To view the complete list of changes, compare v0.18.3.1 with the previous release ( on Github6. New binaries (CLI/GUI) can be found on the Downloads7 page on Getmonero.org.

Release statistics

- Contributors:
  - SChernykh
  - Boog900
  - moneromooo
  - luigi1111
  - selsta
  - jeffro256
  - woodser
  - j-berman
  - rbrunner7
  - vtnerd
  - tobtoht
  - almalh
- Activity: 64 commits (+2557 lines of code)

- Contributors:
  - luigi1111
  - tobtoht
  - j-berman
  - Botspot
  - plowsof
  - Dvd-Znf
  - web3d3v
  - BigmenPixel0
  - selsta
  - SChernykh
- Activity: 60 commits (+605 lines of code)

Make sure to check that the file hashes match those on the signed list and that the signature is valid8 before installing the software.

Guides for popular operating systems are available on Getmonero.org (Linux/Windows/Mac)910 and Monero Observer (Linux)1112.

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