29 Dec 2021 [culture] [editorials]

Monero Core's ArticMine stands up against centralized exchanges

Monero Core’s Francisco ArticMine Cabanas1 is clearly standing up2 against centralized exchanges by suggesting the community should call the bluff:

Let them scramble to cover the shorts. [..] I smell a game of chicken here over an XMR short. [..] My take is call the bluff.

This is not the first time3456 that the Monero community has called out CEXs for their shady practices.

A boycott would imply converting everything to XMR and submitting a withdrawal request. Users should insist on taking delivery and not sell XMR back on the exchange. That would put the most amount of pressure on the exchange.

ArticMine definitely talks the talk and walks the walk:

Disclosure: I do not have any funds on exchanges, I am long XMR, and all of my XMR is in my own wallet(s).

The timing of his comment is perfect, as the Proof of Keys7 day is only a couple of days away: January 3rd. But why wait?