17 Nov 2021 [editorials] [culture]

Monero community calls for Binance boycott as CZ boasts about his monopoly

The Monero community is calling for a Binance boycott1 as CEO Changpeng Zhao2 boasts about his monopoly in Associated Press interview3:

[Binance welcomes regulations] for many reasons. One of those minor reasons is a selfish reason: that in a regulated industry, the few larger players will remain. The smaller players do get cut off, which is unfortunate for those guys.

The platform’s long-standing issues45 with XMR withdrawals isn’t helping either. Several theories67 that speculate on Binance’s Monero liquidity problems have been formulated.

Everything seems to point to shady practices that can only be countered by withdrawing all XMR from Binance and other CEXs and making use of alternative platforms8.

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