10 Aug 2022 | Updated 12 Aug 2022 [dev] [wallets]

Monero CLI v0.18.1.0 'Fluorine Fermi' tagged

The official Monero CLI v0.18.1.0 Fluorine Fermi1 has been tagged and the release binaries should be out soon. The GUI2 version will be tagged shortly.

Contributors are encouraged to share the results of their deterministic build processes3 by making a pull request to the monero-project/gitian.sigs4 repository.

Reminder: the v15 network upgrade is still on track (Saturday, August 13 @ block 2688888)5.

Update 22/8/11: v0.18.1.0 binaries are now available (CLI6 & GUI7).

Update 22/8/12: Ledger Monero App v1.8.0 is now available. It should work with the latest Monero GUI (version