3 Jan 2022 [dev]

mjxmr proposes redistribution of funds for his 'Compilation time reduction' CCS proposal

Monero contributor mjxmr1 has proposed2 a redistribution of funds that are currently allocated to his Compilation time reduction CCS3:

My “Compilation time reduction” proposal is stuck, due to reasons different than mine, and I’d prefer to have its funds redistributed.

Now the question is what happens to the organized funds.

As a donor you are encouraged to voice your opinion:

However, since it’s still your money, I think you should have a voice about them, after maybe presenting your donation’s TX ID to Luigi4 privately?

To better understand mjxmr’s CCS-related work on Monero, you can read john_r3655’s Layman’s Guide6 and his December 2021 dev report7.

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