15 May 2023 | Updated 19 May 2023 [wallets]

lukeprofits to release 'Monero Subscriptions Wallet' on May 19th

lukeprofits1 is planning2 to release the alpha version of Monero Subscriptions Wallet3, a feeless decentralized Monero-Based Patreon-like desktop app, on May 19th:

The Monero Subscriptions Wallet will provide a way for people to automatically pay recurring subscriptions in Monero (whether it is a recurring subscription for your VPN, anything else, or a Patreon-like donation to your favorite content creator or developer).

Project overview

Automatically pay recurring subscriptions with Monero
No need for users to remember to pay monthly invoices
Desktop app (wallet) for users
Written in Python (using Monero Wallet RPC) [..]

Join #MoneroRecurringSubscriptions4 on Matrix to learn more about the project.

lukeprofits has also created the monero-usd-price Python package last month, as reported5.

This is an ongoing story and the report will be updated when new information is available.

Update 23/05/18: lukeprofits also released a tool for creating custom monero-subscriptions codes6.

Update 23/05/19: software released7.

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