22 Apr 2023 [services]

lukeprofits creates 'monero-usd-price' Python package

lukeprofits1 has created monero-usd-price2, a Python package3 that pulls in the current XMR/USD exchange rate from 10+ different exchanges and gets the median price4:

Monero-USD-Price is an easy way to get the current median or average price of Monero in USD. Median is recommended over average, because it is less sensitive to outliers.

The script requires Python 3.8+5 and the Requests6 HTTP library. Consult the README.md7 file for a list of supported exchanges, installation and usage instructions.

The Python dev is currently working on a functional proof of concept for decentralized recurring subscriptions with Monero8.

If you appreciate lukeprofits’s work, transfer some XMR to their donation address9.

Note: if possible, inspect the code before executing any scripts on your machines.

This is an ongoing story and the report will be updated when new information is available.

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