25 Mar 2023 | Updated 18 Apr 2023 [services]

KYCNOT.me delists troubled MajesticBank exchange

pluja1 has decided2 to temporarily delist MajesticBank3 from the reputable KYCNOT.me4 website, after users started reporting issues567 with the platform:

I have delisted Majestic Bank from kycnot.me until this issue gets clarified and/or solved and their services get back up.

The instant exchange apparently went down for a DEX update ~1 week ago, on March 17th8 and their latest announcement was posted on Telegram on March 19th9:

I can estimate that there is 6 more hours left before exchange is fully operational [..]

Last year in August MajesticBank was criticized after their subdread and main admin account were wiped without any explanation and the Dread staff urged nobody use the exchange, as previously reported10.

MajesticBank currently still remains listed as an official Monero Project11, Haveno12, and MoneroKon23 sponsor13, a MAGIC Monero Fund committee member14, and is integrated into Stack Wallet15.

Note: MajesticBank was added to the Monero Observer Blacklist16.

This is an ongoing story and the report will be updated when new information is available.

Update 23/3/27: the MajesticBank Telegram account posted a new message today: ‘I am here to assist with any exchange until Monday when we are fully operational’17; the MB Matrix accounts were apparently deleted (thanks ofrnxmr18 for the ping).

Update 23/3/28: MB started posting new messages in #monero-site19: ‘There is no scam involved, we are doing upgrades and should be back shortly [..] the friend on the reddit tried a 0.25 xmr swap which was barely possible to be created with exchange in maintenance mode’.

Update 23/3/31: KYCNOT.me relisted MajesticBank (domains are back up)20.

Update 23/4/18: according to MajesticBank statement, their nodes were under heavy attack mostly coming from tor network; a guide for preventing unwanted traffic hitting the monerod was posted on Github21.

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