24 Aug 2022 | Updated 31 Aug 2022 [services]

Dread staff issues urgent 'exit scam' warning after MajesticBank admin account wipe

Dread1 forum administrator Paris2 has issued an urgent exit scam warning3 after MajesticBank4’s subdread5 and main admin account had been wiped without any explanation:

Yesterday the admin started deleting their posts/comments and then deleting posts and comments within this subdread [..] There is little explanation for such actions if not to clean house and perform an exit scam. Without any explanation from the admin, Dread staff urges nobody use Majestic Bank.3

The Monero community is currently discussing this incident on IRC/Matrix6:

[..] Sub has been deleted and dread accounts deleted and people reporting that they are not receiving their money7

MajesticBank has previously paid the hosting fees for the official getmonero.org website ($6K for May/June/July 2022)8, funded Monero development9, gave away 40 Monerokon22 tickets10, and is a top Haveno sponsor11.

The majesticbank.sc official website is still online, but users are advised to (temporarily) avoid the exchange service.

This is an ongoing story and the report will be updated when new information is available. Monero Observer reached out to MajesticBank for comment.

Update 22/8/25: pluja from kycnot.me reported that the MajesticBank exchange service is still working at least for small trades up to 0.5XMR12; the MajesticBank Matrix account was active today in the -community room13.

Update 22/8/31: the website is down14.

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