7 Oct 2021 | Updated 13 Oct 2021 [bounties]

Justin Ehrenhofer proposes bounty for Monero Means Money website redesign

Justin Ehrenhofer1 has proposed a bounty2 for a Monero Means Money website3 redesign:

At the moment, the website for https://moneromeans.money lives on Google Sites. Yuck. I would much rather this exist on an open source (and liberally licensed) GitHub website.

If you can design a better, simple, 1-page website that would work well for Monero Means Money, I would love to switch it over. This just is likely to continue falling by the wayside in terms of my priorities.

To get involved, post a comment on the website expressing your interest in completing the task.

You can also donate to this bounty. So far no one has contributed any XMR to this bounty.

Monero Bounties is a new project that was announced4 ~1 week ago.

Update: new website is now online.