29 Sep 2021 [services]

New Monero Bounties project looking to complement existing CCS funding system

New Monero Bounties1 project is looking to complement the existing CCS funding system:

If you are a freelance developer browse through the open bounties. Or better yet, create your own bounty, share, and get funded. Once the bounty is marked complete, the raised funds will be distributed.

Here are a few examples of acceptable bounties:

Seth2 shared some insight on the intedend use in an announcement thread3:

Note that this is not a replacement or alternative to the CCS, but rather a distinct platform to propose and fund smaller and more concise work on specific pain-points, bugs, and feature requests around the Monero ecosystem.

Anyone can suggest, comment, vote, donate or work on a bounty:

Every posted bounty will have an associated Monero subaddress generated which is used to both incentivize and prioratize community needs. The bounties can be worked on by anybody including the original poster or anonymous individuals.

If you want to start working on a specific bounty, you should post a comment and, if at all possible, include some proof of your ability to complete the task. Progess updates can also be posted as comments.

Funds are held in escrow (by Core) and released once a bounty is completed.

The platform doesn’t have any associated fees and volunteers administer the website.

You can find more info regarding the full process, including bounty scope, payouts and the funding policy on Github4.

There’s also a Matrix5 room available, where you can ask questions about the project.

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  2. https://libredd.it/user/fort3hlulz 

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  5. #monero-bounties:monero.social