19 Apr 2023 [culture]

IVPN switches to Cake Labs pricing API for XMR invoices

IVPN1 has announced2 that they recently switched to using Cake Labs3’s XMR/USD pricing API4 for generating customer invoices:

We have recently changed our XMR pricing API aiming for better stability, ideally provided by a trustworthy actor in the Monero space. @cakewallet fit the bill perfectly.

The well-respected VPN provider also stressed that no customer or purchase related information is passed on to Cake Labs5.

The custom-built API is currently used in Cake Wallet6 and Monero.com7. Consult the documentation4 provided by Cake Labs for information about features, pricing plans, and privacy practices.

To learn more about IVPN, watch Monero Talk’s interview8 with Viktor Vecsei.

This is an ongoing story and the report will be updated when new information is available.