8 Jun 2022 [bounties]

hennyh wins xmrvsbeast bounty for restoring bounties.monero.social functionality

hennyh1 has successfully restored the functionality of bounties.monero.social2 site and won the 5 XMR bounty3 offered by xmrvsbeast4:

This bounty is to serve as a reward for getting functionality back to the Monero bounties site. Thanks to @hennyh:matrix.org for stepping up to tackle this important task! (xmrvsbeast)5

The website’s bounties bot stopped working in March, as previously reported6.

To help increase hennyh’s reward and test the bot at the same time, you can donate some XMR to the address posted by the Monero Bounties Bot5.

To learn more about the Monero Bounties project, consult the previous Monero Observer report7.