14 Jun 2022 | Updated 16 Jun 2022 [CCS]

Haveno temporarily suspends UI development, blames XMR bears

Haveno1 has decided to temporarily suspend2 the development of their platform’s user interface3, blaming the recent XMR bearish market move4 for completely destroying5 their funds:

The market value of XMR fell so low that we are forced to suspend the development of the user interface until Monero’s value will rise enough for us to be able to cover the entire development.

Although the team has clarified that only UI development will be suspended, and that the Haveno Core Team (HCT) will continue to work on the platform’s backend, the Monero community has reacted negatively6 to the news:

OSPEAD is still being developed regardless of any XMR/fiat exchange rate movements (Rucknium)7

I have little sympathy if someone knowingly takes a “gamble” on the price of XMR when such a gamble is unnecessary. (SamsungGalaxyPlayer)8

What they failed to mention was during the funding stage was ‘In the event the USD value of Monero drops - we’re downing tools’. (plowsof)9

The announcement also fueled a new discussion about Monero funding options (CCS10, MAGIC11 and others) in -community12.

It is currently unclear when Haveno UI development will resume, as no target price or ETA was specified.

To learn more about the associated CCS proposal13, consult the previous Monero Observer report3.

To support the project and interact with the Haveno community, donate to their general fund14 and join the dev rooms on Matrix/IRC15.

This is an ongoing story and the report will be updated when new information is available.

Update 22/6/16: progress update from the frontend team and new UI demo/screens available161718.

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