21 Apr 2022 | Updated 28 Apr 2022 [wallets]

Google removes 'Monero.com by Cake Wallet' app from Play Store

Google has removed the Monero.com by Cake Wallet app1 from their Play Store, according to Cake Labs2:

Google has COMPLETELY removed our Monero.com app from @GooglePlay, claiming we are impersonating Freewallet. This is absolutely false. [..]

We have submitted several appeals to Google [..]

According to Google, the app was suspended for not adhering to Google Play Developer Program Policies.

If ArticMine3 is correct, Cake Labs should expect a trademark fight with Freewallet:

I suspect an aggressive move by Freewallet here is behind this, such as making allegations of trademark infringement to Google. I doubt that Google made this move on their own.4

Note that Freewallet is currently on the r/Monero Avoid list5.

The delisting could be temporary, but until this issue is resolved, users can still download and use the Android .APK from Github6.

To learn more about Cake’s Monero-only wallet, consult my previous report7.

Update: the app is back in the Play Store8.

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