8 Jan 2022 | Updated 2 Jun 2022 [wallets]

Cake Technologies announces new 'Monero.com' wallet

Cake Technologies1 has announced2 their new Monero-only Monero.com3 wallet, as planned4:

We are extremely excited to announce Monero.com by Cake Wallet, a Monero-only fork of Cake Wallet!

The open-source and non-custodial app can be currently downloaded for iOS5 and as an APK6 for Android.



The full wallet name (Monero.com by Cake Wallet) and its domain name (monero.com) can be easily confused with the official Monero website (getmonero.org) by new users, but Cake assured everyone that there will be no confusion:

The site will clearly state that it is not the official site.

Cake Wallet CEO Vik Sharma7 has announced the new Monero-only wallet on Monerotopia Episode 478:

[..] it’s called Monero.com, the website still looks like the Cake Wallet’s site, but it’s gonna be completely different [..] Monero general information oriented [..] not in any way compete with Getmonero.org, of course, that’s the official site .. (~48:00)

The app is currently pending approval in the Google Play store and should also be available in the F-Droid store at some point in the future (no ETA).

Update 22/5/24: the app is live on Google Play9, GitHub APK10, and the App Store11.

Update 22/6/2: fiat trades available on monero.com website12.

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