17 May 2022 [guides] [art]

Gingeropolous creates funny cartoon explaining Monero 'view tags'

Gingeropolous1 has created a funny cartoon2 that explains the concept of view tags3:

so I saw some chat somewhere that suggested that viewtags were kinda hard to understand; so i made a dumb cartoon4

the non-zoidberg content i release under WTFPL, so if someone wants to actually animate it that’d be cool5

The core idea was proposed by UkoeHB6 and implemented by j-berman7. The optimization will be added to Monero in the next v15 network upgrade8 and should reduce wallet scanning time.

View tags are currently visible on the testnet9:

testnet viewtags

To learn more about the technical details, consult issue #7310 in the MRL repository and j-berman’s insightful thread11.

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