27 Jan 2022 | Updated 28 Jan 2022 [culture]

No blockchain analytics company can track Monero, according to Elliptic's Liat Shetret

No blockchain analytics company can currently track Monero, according to Elliptic1 representative Liat Shetret2’s statement in a recent MoneroTalk interview3 with Douglas Tuman4 at TNABC Miami5:

As far as I know there is no blockchain analytics company at the moment that offers that (18:50)

Liat suggests the Monero community should focus on bringing to light non-illicit usecases of the currency in order to combat the Darknet narrative that is being pushed by MSM:

[..] we’re seeing it being associated with illicit purposes and that’s what’s being touted in the press [..] push out alternate narratives, demonstrate how it’s not just used for illicit purposes. (16:10)

Doug also interviewed Bitcoin entrepreneur Nick Spanos6 and billionaire Mark Cuban7.

While Nick seems to understand the importance of privacy and Monero, the same cannot be said about Mark:

[privacy] it’s not required; it’s not as big a deal to me [..] (21:00)

Mark is obviously privileged. It’s a big club and we are clearly not part of it, as Nick put it:

he’s part of the system [..] and that’s the world he knows; to a hammer, everything is a nail (6:30)

Watch the full interview on Odysee3 or listen to it on Monerotalk8. The quality is a lot better than last week’s livestream9.

Update: Liat Shetret is no longer working for Elliptic (moved to Solidus Labs, a similar blockchain surveillance company)10.

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