18 Jan 2022 [editorials] [culture]

Monerotopia Ep.49 livestreams from The North American Bitcoin Conference 'clown show'

In this Monerotopia live session (Episode 491), Douglas Tuman2 and sunchakr3 sat down with Justin Ehrenhofer4 in Miami, Florida at The North American Bitcoin Conference (TNABC).

The event was essentially a clown show that featured lots of colorful characters which took turns at sitting down in the Monero booth to either shill their own projects, grab a free $10 or get a taste of the sweet Gratuitas5 espresso.

There was very little interest in Monero, privacy, and Bitcoin for that matter. Most people seemed to be completely new to the crypto space or they simply didn’t care much for the technology.

fluffypony6 was right all along when he pointed out the futility of a TNABC Monero presence last month7:

It’s a fun conference to meet people in this space, drink a lot (it’s Miami after all), and stay up till 3am. I really don’t think there is much value in Monero having a presence there. It’s not a “serious” conference [..]

[..] they’ll be more interested in earning 80 000% APY on DeFi than in their privacy.

Also, let’s not forget that this is where Dash famously sponsored an after-party at a strip club - is that really a look that we think will work for Monero?

The only things that actually saved the day were the poor audio quality and related connection issues that prevented some of the inebriated messages from getting through.

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