28 May 2022 [events]

MajesticBank to give away 40 free tickets to MoneroKon 2022 event

MajesticBank1 is looking to give away2 40 tickets to the sold out3 MoneroKon 20224 event for free, sponsor flights for 10 and accommodation for 5 applicants:

You love, support Monero and wanted to be present on MoneroKon 2022 but tickets are sold out? MajesticBank got your back as always. We are giving away 40 tickets to MoneroKon 2022 for FREE.

Best application and most relevant to Monero are eligible for extra benefits as we will sponsor flights tickets in both ways for 10 of you and accommodation for 5 of you.

According to the announcement, applications can be sent via email5, support ticket6 or Reddit PM7 and should include reasons why you wanted so much to be present on MoneroKon 2022 and, optionally, links to online presence profiles in Monero community.

MajesticBank is currently sponsoring Haveno8, as previously reported9.

More tickets to the conference might also be offered to people on the MoneroKon22 official waiting list10.

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