1 May 2024 | Updated 9 May 2024 [calendar] [events]

Second ever Cuprate Meeting scheduled for 7 May 2024 1800 UTC

The second ever Cuprate Meeting is scheduled1 to take place on Tuesday, May 7 2024 at 18:00 UTC on IRC-Libera/Matrix2 in the #cuprate channels.

Cuprate is an effort to create an alternative Monero node implementation.

Agenda overview

Updates: What is everyone working on?
Project: What is next for Cuprate?
Any other business

The meeting’s moderator should be boog9003. Consult the Cuprate code repository4 and previous Monero Observer reports5 to learn more about the project.

Logs for the previous meeting are available on Github6.

Note that there are currently communication issues with Matrix accounts created on the matrix.org server, consider using a different homeserver to see messages.

Update 24/5/9: meeting logs available7.

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  3. https://github.com/Boog900/ 

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