17 Apr 2023 | Updated 18 Apr 2023 [culture]

Community ready to celebrate second 'Monerun' on Monero's 9th birthday

The Monero community is getting ready to celebrate its second Monerun1 event tomorrow, on the project’s 9th birthday:

Monerun will take place on 18th of April. Let this be a moment for all crypto projects to join forces and create awareness for the importance of self-custody and celebrate self-sovereignity. (gr8ful4)2

The Monerun tradition was born last year and it ended up confirming widespread suspicions that most exchanges are fractionally reserved on XMR.

Read bawdyanarchist’s 2022 postmortem The Monerun - After Action Report3 and FAQ4 post for more information.

Note that if you don’t have XMR on any CEX, you can still take part in the community action by buying a small amount and then withdrawing to a self-custodial wallet that you fully control.

Let us proceed together apace.5

Special street cred goes to gnuteardrops from monero.graphics6 for the cool banner design.

Update: MoneroFox shared a Monerun 2023 report with results for public audit of XMR reserves7.