14 Apr 2022 [culture]

'The Monerun' scheduled for April 18th, Monero's 8th birthday

The community has scheduled The Monerun event for April 18th 2022, which coincides with Monero’s 8th birthday:

April 18th. We’re withdrawing XMR from exchanges. Any exchange that hasn’t disabled withdraws (which many of them have already), we’re pulling our funds. (bawdyanarchist)1

Whatever happens on April 18th remember that this is just a first retaliation. (kwadoss)2

April 18th, you know what to do… (Alex_LocalMonero)3

This a reaction against on-going CEX shady practices involving paper Monero. Instead of providing transparency reports (share view keys), exchanges are known to suspend XMR withdrawals and misrepresent their reserves.

Suspecting these entities are selling XMR they do not actually have (aka paper Monero), the community has decided to call their bluff and coordinate efforts to withdraw XMR from centralized exchanges en masse:

Binance, Huobi and Poloniex should be excluded from Coingecko coin metrics for XMR [..] It is abhorrently apparent that these exchanges do not have the XMR they are selling available to give to their users. (ollinator117)4

For the uninitiated, not allowing Monero withdrawal is evidence of a CEX short-selling. What they do is sell Monero they don’t actually have and only let customers ‘hold’ it in CEX controlled wallets. (Z0rg0n)5

A Monerun Telegram group6 with 800+ users has been associated with this movement.

To learn more about the phenomena, consult my previous reports78.

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