19 Jul 2022 [wallets]

Cake Labs releases Cake Wallet v4.4.3 and Monero.com v1.0.7

Cake Labs1 has released Cake Wallet v4.4.3 and Monero.com v1.0.72:

New versions of Cake Wallet and Monero.com are now available! Cake Wallet 4.4.3 is live in both stores; Monero.com is live in both stores3


Sending to FIO Crypto Handles
Haven wallet fixes [..]
QR code displaying fixes (full screen mode!)
Allow buying with new currencies for Wyre and Moonpay
UI improvements
Prevent using same wallet name as existing
Small bug fixes

Consult the Github repository2 to read the full list of changes, verify and download the wallet APKs.

Monero.com4 (iOS5, Android6) is a Monero-only wallet and Cake Wallet7 (iOS8, Android9) is a multi-coin wallet. Read the previous Monero Observer report to learn more10.

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