2 Jun 2022 | Updated 1 Dec 2022 [wallets]

Cake Labs adds option to buy and sell XMR with fiat on 'Monero.com' website

Cake Labs1 has added a new option to buy and sell XMR with fiat on the Monero.com2 website:

You can now buy and sell Monero with FIAT on Monero.com! SEPA, SWIFT, and Visa/Mastercard are supported3

Fiat trades require KYC (unlike crypto to crypto trades) and are available in most countries, excluding USA.

There are plans to make this option available in the Monero.com by Cake Wallet via Blockbuy4, according5 to Cake Wallet’s VP of Operations Justin Ehrenhofer6.

To learn more about Cake’s Monero-only wallet, consult my previous report7.

Update: residents in 40 US states can now buy XMR with Visa/Mastercard8.

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