17 May 2024 [wallets] [bounties]

BrandyJSon starts work on Feather Wallet fork with built-in COMIT XMR-BTC atomic swaps

BrandyJSon1 has apparently started working on feather-atomic2, a fork of Feather Wallet3 which integrates COMIT network’s XMR-BTC atomic swap tool4:

A simple tab like we got for LocalMonero to swap Bitcoin for Monero easily.

Features overview

An order-book (using known rendez-vous points & offers)
A field to add a custom rendez-vous point
A field to add a custom peer to trade
A field to add a refund address

Consult the associated bounty5 to learn more about the project.

Note that COMIT is no longer maintaining the XMR-BTC atomic swap project; binarybaron, lescuer97 and delta1 are the current maintainers, as reported a few years ago6.

This is an ongoing story and the report will be updated when new information is available.

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