2 Jul 2024 [services]

binarybaron releases UnstoppableSwap GUI v0.6.2

binarybaron1 has released unstoppableswap-gui2 version 0.6.23 with various updates and improvements:

Changes overview

Add Button to open data directory to RpcControlBox in file explorer
Display individual update release files as clickable links [..]
Convert debug switch into an icon button on swap dialog
Enable user to submit feedback while swap is running
Update electron to 26.2.1
Update swap-cli to 0.13.2
Show Stepper Step 1 as completed [..]

The full changelog is available on Github4.

Consult the previous Monero Observer reports5 to learn more about the trustless XMR<>BTC atomic swaps GUI project.

To support the development of UnstoppableSwap, you can transfer XMR to the project’s donation address6.

Note that this project is still in beta, and as always with experimental software, there is some risk involved. Use on mainnet with caution.