31 Oct 2023 [wallets]

ANONERO releases ANON v0.8.1

ANONERO1 has released ANON version 0.8.12 with new lockscreen shortcuts, UX improvements, and a bugfix:

Airgapped transaction UX has been improved, with the offline part of the process start automatically once the first scan is made. Users should also notice faster import speeds and overall better performance [..]3

Changes overview

- Lockscreen shortcuts
- Improved airgapped UX
- FIX: Node screen issues

APK downloads can be found on the onionsite4, eepsite5, and F-droid repository6.

To support ANONERO’s work, you can donate XMR to the address listed on the project’s sites.

Consult the previous Monero Observer report7 to learn more about the project.

  1. https://gitea.com/ANONERO/ 

  2. http://git.anonero5wmhraxqsvzq2ncgptq6gq45qoto6fnkfwughfl4gbt44swad.onion/ANONERO/ANON/releases/tag/v0.8.1 

  3. https://monero.town/post/962116 

  4. http://anonero5wmhraxqsvzq2ncgptq6gq45qoto6fnkfwughfl4gbt44swad.onion/#download (onionsite) 

  5. rprz4pus37f5o5elhv7arzasfr2mf2ospvbkl236vpqjajjlieeq.b32.i2p (eepsite) 

  6. http://anonero5wmhraxqsvzq2ncgptq6gq45qoto6fnkfwughfl4gbt44swad.onion/fdroid/repo/ 

  7. /anonero-releases-anon-android-monero-app-v0.1/