18 Oct 2022 [services]

ANONERO releases Android-only 'black box Monero app' ANON v0.1

ANONERO1 has released alpha version 0.12 of ANON3, an open source Android-only XMR app focused on privacy and security, based on xmrwallet’s Monero C++ library.

v1.0 roadmap

Build instructions and .APK downloads are available on Gitea4.

Users are encouraged to inspect the GPLv3-licensed source code, test v0.1 basic functionality, submit PR’s and open new issues.

To support ANONERO’s work, you can donate XMR to the address listed on the project’s onionsite5 and eepsite6.

Note that this project is still a WiP and the code has not been audited.

This is an ongoing story and the report will be updated when new information is available.

  1. https://gitea.com/ANONERO 

  2. https://gitea.com/ANONERO/ANON/releases/tag/001 

  3. anonero5wmhraxqsvzq2ncgptq6gq45qoto6fnkfwughfl4gbt44swad.onion 

  4. https://gitea.com/ANONERO/ANON 

  5. anonero5wmhraxqsvzq2ncgptq6gq45qoto6fnkfwughfl4gbt44swad.onion/#donate 

  6. rprz4pus37f5o5elhv7arzasfr2mf2ospvbkl236vpqjajjlieeq.b32.i2p