22 May 2022 [wallets]

akimayumi releases Shruum Wallet v1.2.0

akimayumi1 has released Shruum Wallet2 v1.2.0:

Shruum wallet v1.2.0 has been released. [..] Downloads are available on the F-Droid repository, on my website, and on Gitea. As always, be sure to verify file hashes and signatures.3


- Fingerprint authentication has been removed.
- There are new signing and verifying screens for signing messages and verifying signatures of  -Monero addresses.
- OpenAlias support has been removed.
- Night mode is now more OLED display friendly.
- Bug fixes and improvements.

Full changelog, .APK downloads and usage instructions can be found in the release announcement3 and on the mayumi.one website4.

To learn more about the hardened Monerujo fork, consult my previous report5.

  1. https://git.mayumi.one/mayumi 

  2. https://git.mayumi.one/mayumi/shruum 

  3. https://libredd.it/uveju6/  2

  4. https://mayumi.one/ (clearnet), http://muxillqtju4w44zb5creqezvmuw7qcar4zlseeyhuci4rfaoenh4auad.onion/ (onion) 

  5. /akimayumi-forks-monerujo-shruum-wallet/