16 Apr 2022 | Updated 19 Apr 2022 [wallets]

akimayumi forks Monerujo into 'Shruum' alpha wallet

akimayumi1 has forked Monerujo2, the Android Monero wallet, into Shruum3, an alpha state Monero-only wallet with mandatory Tor usage and planned I2P support:

I am currently working on a fork of Monerujo that makes Tor mandatory, and features a “Monero-only” design in order to maintain privacy and anonymity. Because of the mandatory Tor usage, the altcoin payment system within the app that was powered by SideShift has been removed, as SideShift now blocks Tor users.4


Currently the app can only be compiled manually. Stagenet .APKs can be downloaded from akimayumi’s website10.

Update: add to the list of changes.

  1. https://git.mayumi.one/mayumi 

  2. https://github.com/m2049r/xmrwallet 

  3. https://git.mayumi.one/mayumi/shruum 

  4. https://libredd.it/u4hruf/ 

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