16 May 2022 | Updated 19 May 2022 [wallets]

akimayumi releases Shruum Wallet v1.1.1

akimayumi1 has released Shruum Wallet2 v1.1.1:

Shruum has been updated to v1.1.1.[..] There is now a Telegram group chat as well due to popular demand.3


- Updates the monero library to
- Fixes issue where wallet would perform the auto timeout check while syncing blocks (like restoring a wallet)
- Adds an option for disabling RPC connectivity check when clicking on a wallet [..]
- Fixes some more connectivity issues [..]
- The Tor icon in the top right on the home screen now changes color based on node connectivity

Full changelog, .APK downloads and usage instructions can be found in the release announcement3 and on the mayumi.one website4.

To learn more about the Monerujo fork, consult my previous report5.

Update: version 1.1.6 available6, adds a fix for the required “http://” prefix when adding a node, and some UI modifications7.

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  3. https://libredd.it/uqzbx3/  2

  4. https://mayumi.one/ (clearnet), http://muxillqtju4w44zb5creqezvmuw7qcar4zlseeyhuci4rfaoenh4auad.onion/ (onion) 

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